Our fees


We provide a full range of legal services regarding immigration to Canada.

Immigration Consultation 1 hour maximum $125.00 (refunded if we are retained in the matter)

Temporary Residence and Application Extensions*

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) $2,000-$5,000

Temporary Foreign Worker Unit (TFWU) Opinion $2,500

Initial Visitor Visa $1500

Initial Study Permit $2,000

LMIA-based work permit $1,750 (visa-exempt) $2,750 (visa-required)

Intra-company transferee work permit includes TFWU process, if necessary $2,500

Significant Benefit work permit $2,500

Other work permit not otherwise specified $2,500

Business Visitor $1,500 – $2,000

Visitor, Work or Study Permit Renewal $1,500

Visa $2,500

Visa renewal $1,250

Fees for Permanent Residence Applications*

Business Class Self-employed or Provincial business category (including Family Business Worker) $10,000

Investor Class Federal or provincial $8,500 (unless we are paid by the financial institution, in which case no fee is charged to the client, and any retainer paid by the client will be refunded. Full disclosure is provided to client)

Skilled Worker Express Entry and Provincial Nominees (principal applicant and immediate family members) $5,000

Demand Express Entry Stream $6,000

Family Class includes sponsorship, in-Canada or out-of Canada applications $5,000

Express Entry Profile Creation $2,000

Fees for Other Types of Immigration Matters

Note: these are often more complex and fees will vary. Before agreeing to be retained, we will provide an estimate of the costs.

Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications in Poland only – $5,000 (may vary)

Refugee Applications and Hearings $4,500

Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) $3,000-$4,000

Application for Criminal Rehabilitation $3,000 (may vary)

Medical Inadmissibility (Research and Submission) $3,000 (may vary)

Retainers and Payments

For temporary residence and all other matters, we require the full amount of our fees as a retainer. This is held in our solicitor’s trust account and is not refundable due to the fact that we immediately begin our work on the file as soon as the retainer is received.

We accept payment by cash, wire transfer, Interac email transfer and credit card (PayPal).

*all the prices are in Canadian dollars.

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